Why Pinnacle

Experience and Respect

Why should you trust Pinnacle Structures with your structured settlement needs? Our proven track record and compassion for all our clients mean we will work hard on your behalf, each and every time.

Our History Speaks for Itself

Pinnacle has:

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  • Millions of dollars of successful structured settlements;
  • 40+ years of combined experience;
  • Ability to structure settlements anywhere in the country, any time


What should those statistics mean to you? You can feel confident that we have the expertise to win your structured settlement. Our experience and commitment to due-diligence wins cases, period. We care about you and want to help you and your family thrive, and we’ll do what it takes to ensure your security through your settlement.

Customized Solutions Win Cases

With courteous staff based in three cities, we are ready to assist no matter where you are. Don’t hesitate to request a meeting. We’re ready to jump in wholeheartedly with the resources and guidance you need.